how to make extra money

by Charlotte Denesik 9 min read

Here Are Some Ideas How

  • Become a Personal Trainer. Becoming a personal trainer is actually one of the most effective ways to earn some extra cash. ...
  • Trade Cryptocurrency. As our world is evolving, so is the currency we use in it. ...
  • Online Tutoring. Online tutoring is an amazing way to earn some quick bucks. ...
  • Blog Writing. Blogs are an incredible way to earn passive income. ...

How to Make Extra Money Online or From Home
  1. Tutor online. ...
  2. Become a user experience tester. ...
  3. Take surveys. ...
  4. Get cash back from apps. ...
  5. Teach English. ...
  6. Get paid for your creative skills. ...
  7. Offer your services as a virtual assistant. ...
  8. Become an influencer.
Feb 9, 2022

Full Answer

What are some easy ways to earn extra money?

Jul 22, 2021 · A side hustle, in addition to your full-time job, is one of the quickest ways to better your financial situation. You can use that extra income to …

What are some unusual ways that people make extra money?

Oct 18, 2021 · Here are 25 ways to make extra money from home: 1. Try affiliate marketing As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting a company's products and services. Make sure to find a product or service you like so you can properly endorse it.

What do you do to make extra money?

Mar 18, 2022 · One idea to make extra money that I initially left off my list is to use Rakuten (formerly when you shop online. Rakuten is a free service that gives you cash back just for shopping like you normally would. Join free …

How to make an extra $1,000 a month?

Aug 26, 2021 · Here are 20 side jobs that will allow you to make more money without interfering with your day job. Many of these can be done either online and/or on the weekends. Work as a transcriptionist. Start a blog. Offer web design services. Create a YouTube channel. Teach English (or another language) online. Sell used items. Stage homes. Pet sit.


How can I make an extra $1000 a month?

Job ideas for how to make $1000 a monthFreelance writing. Freelance writing can be a lucrative way to produce extra income. ... Virtual assistant. If you are a fairly organized person, then you could excel as a virtual assistant. ... Online English tutor. ... Data entry. ... Proofreading. ... Blogging. ... Social media manager. ... Resume writer.More items...•Sep 24, 2021

How can I make $100 a day extra?

If you're interested in earning money online and in your spare time, check out these 21 ways you can earn $100 or more per day:#1: Google Adsense. ... #2: Text Links. ... #4: Affiliate Marketing. ... #5: Display Ads. ... #6: Freelance Writing. ... #7: Getting New Clients for Your Business. ... #9: Selling Leads. ... #10: Digital Products.More items...•Apr 22, 2019

How can I make money fast in South Africa?

How to make money faster in South AfricaSell out stuff that you do not need. ... Rent extra space in your house. ... Fill out paid surveys. ... Pay cheap and save more. ... Invest in South African fashion. ... Paying websites. ... Freelancing. ... Affiliate marketing.More items...•Apr 1, 2022

How can I make an extra 2500 a month?

There are many weekend jobs out there that could potentially net you $2,500 more every month....So if you're looking for a weekend job — or two — here are five that can help you make up to $2,500 extra per month.Tour guide. ... Survey taker. ... House or pet sitter. ... Rentals. ... Wedding event staff or entertainer.Nov 2, 2021

How can I make $1000 in one day?

Best Ways to Make 1000 Dollars a DayMake $1,000 a Day Blogging.Make $1,000 a Day Investing in Index Funds.Pick Up a Part Time Job to Make Extra Money.Use Gig Economy Apps to Earn Money Fast.Earn $1,000 Daily with a YouTube Channel.Make Money Daily with an Online Course.Make 1000 Dollars a Day Starting a Business.More items...•Dec 24, 2021

What are some passive income ideas?

18 passive income ideas for building wealthCreate a course. ... Write an e-book. ... Rental income. ... Affiliate marketing. ... Flip retail products. ... Sell photography online. ... Peer-to-peer lending. ... Dividend stocks.More items...•Feb 22, 2022

What sells fast in South Africa?

Top 10 high demand products in South AfricaPhones and accessories. Smartphones have a readily available market. ... Laptops and Gadgets. ... Fashion products. ... Baby products. ... Electronics. ... Gaming. ... Health and beauty. ... Home and office equipment.More items...•Aug 12, 2021

How can I make money with nothing?

So, before you start looking into side gig ideas, check out these 20 cool ways to make money by doing virtually nothing first!Become a bed tester. ... Start a money-lending business. ... Sell your photos online. ... Get referral credit. ... Get refunds on price drops. ... Take part in focus groups. ... Rent your parking space. ... Let out your property.More items...•Oct 22, 2021

How can I make money online in South Africa 2021?

A few legal ways to make money online in S.A incl. – Doing freelance work online, Testing apps and websites, Doing online surveys for companies, Quality blogging where you join an affiliate network, Selling your wares on reputable sites like Etsy, List your spare bedroom/home on vacation rental sites.Mar 10, 2022

What side hustle makes the most money?

Here's our list of the best side hustles that you can do today to start earning more money.Deliver Food And Groceries. Right behind ridesharing is delivering food and groceries. ... Ridesharing. ... Start A Blog. ... Tutoring. ... Online Freelancing. ... Rent Your Car. ... List Your House. ... Buy And Resell Stuff.More items...•Mar 18, 2022

How do you increase passive income?

Here are the Top Ways to Earn a Passive IncomeInvesting in Rental Properties. Real estate investing is one of the best known ways to earn a passive income. ... Rent out your Home. ... Investing in Stocks. ... Selling Digital Products. ... Affiliate Marketing Schemes. ... Become a POSP Insurance Agent.Mar 30, 2022

How can I make extra money with a full time job?

There are many reasons why you might want to make extra income....Many of these can be done either online and/or on the weekends.Work as a transcriptionist.Start a blog.Offer web design services.Create a YouTube channel.Teach English (or another language) online.Sell used items.Stage homes.Pet sit.More items...•Aug 26, 2021

Take (Legit) Online Surveys

Did you know that you can get paid to do quick and easy online surveys? Here are a few websites to get you started: 1. Opinion Outpost is a great o...

Bartending Or Waiting Tables

Both are the perfect jobs for nights and weekends. That’s when all the big tips are made anyway. I should know. I waited tables in my post-college...

Sell Yourself Online With Fiverr

Get creative and sell you and your time online in a fresh, new way (it's not what you think). Fiverr is a website dedicated to connecting people to...

Generate A New Business Idea

My friend, Ramit Sethi, New York Times Best Selling Author, has created a powerful “Idea Generator Tool” that debunks the myth that you need to sta...

Get $5 to Begin Investing

The new automatic investing app, Stash will pay you $5 to get your financial act together and begin some actual stock investing. Don't get me wrong...

Drive People to The Airport

Have you ever heard of Uber or Lyft? Of course, you have! This is a great earning opportunity for someone with a reliable car and the ability to na...

Start A Lawn Care Business

I grew up doing this job on the side and loved it. But it’s not just a teenager gig. Obviously, it's better for warmer climates. With this side job...

Play Music in Church Or at Weddings

Some churches don't have volunteers for their music. A talented pianist, guitar player, etc. can make pretty good money doing this on the weekends....

Sell Your Big and Generic Stuff on Local Sites

My local is the first place I go to sell something. It's best for items you think will appeal to everyone (therefore justifying the...

Sell Your Unique & Ship-Able Stuff Online

I mentioned an idea above to create an online store and eBay was one option. Consider selling your own stuff around the house to earn extra money t...

1. Try affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting a company's products and services. Make sure to find a product or service you like so you can properly endorse it. While most bloggers use their blogs to promote affiliate campaigns, you can use other social media to promote products.

2. Sell artwork and designs online

Art comes in many forms especially in the digital world. If you are artistically gifted, consider creating or selling your art online. Graphic designers make visual graphics such as logos for websites, books and other mediums. As a calligrapher, you can sell your hand lettering abilities on wedding invitations or stationary.

3. Babysit in your home

If you enjoy children, babysitting in your home may earn you extra cash. Babysitting is occasionally watching children in your home or theirs while parents enjoy an evening out. With this side job, you may change diapers, prepare meals or snacks, entertain children and ensure they’re put to bed at a reasonable hour.

4. Bake or prep meals

If you love to be in the kitchen, you could start a business based on your skills. You can fill special baking requests like a one-of-a-kind birthday cake, decorated cookies or treats with or without specific ingredients. You also could meal prep for neighbors that don’t have time or don’t like to cook.

5. Get cash back from shopping apps

Some mobile applications offer you rewards or cash back for shopping at certain retailers. They are free and easy to use with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Consider signing up, linking your store loyalty card and then shopping at participating stores.

6. Be a copywriter or editor

If you have a way with words, consider working from home as a copywriter or editor. Copywriters typically create content to increase brand awareness and influence people to take a certain action. Copy editors revise the content to ensure it’s free of grammatical or factual errors.

7. Consider being a data entry clerk

Consider becoming a data entry clerk where your daily tasks include entering and updating data into a client's database. You typically get paid by the hour to add files into the database. Data entry clerks may also compile information, prepare the source data for entry and ensure the data's accuracy.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks – You earn points, called SB, just for watching videos, answering surveys, discovering special deals, shopping, or searching the internet.

2. Deliver Food for DoorDash

Being a food delivery driver is back in style! People all over the country are signing up to deliver food because it is easy money that can be made on your own schedule.

4. Drive People to the Airport

Have you ever heard of Lyft? Of course, you have! This is a great earning opportunity for someone with a reliable car and the ability to navigate their city’s streets.

6. Rent Out Your Space

If you have an extra room in your house, consider listing it on Airbnb. Airbnb is a new way to travel for many people around the world. Instead of booking through expensive hotels, why not stay at someone’s house? As a guest, you can choose high end to low end, choose to stay with other people or opt for privacy.

7. Bartending or Waiting Tables

Both are the perfect jobs for nights and weekends. That’s when all the big tips are made anyway. I should know. I waited tables in my post-college days.

8. Take (Legit) Online Surveys

Did you know that you can get paid to do quick and easy online surveys? Here are a few websites to get you started:

9. Get Cashback When You Shop Online

One idea to make extra money that I initially left off my list is to use Rakuten (formerly when you shop online. Rakuten is a free service that gives you cash back just for shopping like you normally would. Join free now and receive $25.

1. Become a virtual assistant

One simple way to make money from home is to help others complete tasks as a virtual assistant. If you're highly organized and can properly manage your time, then becoming a virtual assistant presents a low-friction entry point into the digital services industry. You can easily perform these functions as a remote worker no matter where you live.

2. Sell stuff on eBay or Craigslist

A large subset of our society is earning a full-time income by selling items on Craigslist and eBay. You can do this by selling your own items, or you can help sell items for other people and take a small commission.

3. Trade cryptocurrency

As the digital world evolves, so does our currency. What seemed like a novelty yesterday will ultimately become the preferred medium for money. A Gallop poll found that 10 percent of people claimed to use cash as their preferred payment method in 2016 (down from 19 percent in 2011).

4. Online tutoring

Websites like Skooli, Tutor Me and provide resources for entering into the online tutoring space. While you don't need to use a platform like these, they provide a lower friction entry point into the market. You could also search for online tutoring gigs on a variety of other sites like Upwork, Freelancer and many more.

5. Sell services on Fiverr

Fiverr has grown significantly since its inception. Today, it's a vast marketplace where you can sell just about any service under the sun. This is great if you're looking to make money online as a digital nomad or even while sitting at home on your laptop while in your pajamas.

6. Build sales funnels

Every successful business has an automated sales funnel. Yet, so many businesses are completely unaware of the power of an effective funnel. Sales funnels provide automation in the sales process. They help you build a relationship with your audience and develop a bond with the consumer.

7. Rent out your home

Another way you can make money at home is to actually rent out your home. AirBnB has carved a sizable industry out of vacation rentals. While the market did exist prior to AirBnB's arrival, it's certainly grown by leaps and bounds since its arrival on the scene.

1. Work as a transcriptionist

Fast, accurate typists can often find transcription work online, either on platforms dedicated explicitly to transcription or by searching job sites for gigs. Transcriptionists are usually paid per word. People who type quickly can accomplish more work in a short amount of time and earn a decent wage.

2. Start a blog

Create a website and blog about a topic which you are both passionate and knowledgeable. Use ads and affiliate links to generate an income from your blog. This is an excellent option for people who love to write, enjoy spending time online and want to share their interests, experiences and opinions with people.

3. Offer web design services

Offering web design as a service requires some expertise and previous experience. If you know how to do graphic design and coding, pitch your web design services to businesses that do not have a professional-looking website or consider reaching out to local companies.

4. Create a YouTube channel

If you can think of a topic you are interested in and know a lot about, you can create a YouTube channel focused on that topic. Create and upload videos with the goal of educating viewers or discussing a topic. Your channel will need to reach certain milestones before YouTube grants you the ability to monetize your account.

5. Teach English (or another language) online

Teaching languages online has become a popular way to earn money online and on the side. There are many sites you can join to become an online teacher and teach English as a second language to people from other countries. This job can turn into a steady side income when you commit to holding regularly-scheduled classes.

6. Sell used items

Have a look around your home for items you do not use. List them for sale in Facebook groups or on eBay or host a physical yard sale. In addition to making some extra money, this can help clean up your home. You may also have friends or neighbors who have things they would like to sell but do not have the time.

7. Stage homes

People with an eye for design can offer to stage homes for realtors. Create a portfolio to showcase your staging experience and approach real estate offices and house flippers with your service and rates. This may not be steady work, but it can pay very well depending on the number of rooms and the size of the home being staged.

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Some methods of making money online pay higher rates than others, so choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle. Here are some ideas and resources to get started learning how to make money online for free.

Real Ways to Make Money from Home Offline

Not all work-from-home jobs are tied to an internet connection. The following guides and resources can help you learn more about these real ways to make money from home for free.

Make a Plan for Your Extra Money Ahead of Time

Making extra money online or from home is great. But if your reason for doing so is to get out of a tough financial predicament, you’ll end up in the same place if you don’t create a plan for your money before it comes in. Making a monthly budget or spending plan can help.

1. Take surveys

Back when I was trying to quickly pay off my student loan debt, I took online surveys to make a little extra cash. They don’t pay very well, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make extra money IMO.

2. Earn cashback when you shop

You’re already out spending your money, why not make a little extra money back when you shop? There are a few companies that will pay you cash when you download their apps and shop online through their portals.

3. See if you have unclaimed money

Have you ever checked to see if you have any unclaimed money? Unclaimed money comes from old bank accounts, forgotten pension funds, abandoned investment accounts, etc.

4. Wrap your car

Carvertise is a company that will pay you around $100/month to wrap your car in advertisements. Yes, you read that correctly.

5. Open a new bank account

More and more banks are offering cash bonuses when customers open a new checking or savings account. These are promotional offers that encourage new customers, and it’s a really easy way to make $100-$200.

6. Earn credit card rewards

This is one of my favorite easy ways to make extra money, and I’ve been able to earn cash and free airfare. If you’ve ever heard of travel hacking or credit card churning, that’s basically earning credit card rewards.

7. Run Facebook ads

When I first quit my job to run this site full time, I wasn’t making much and needed a way to make some extra money. I learned how to run Facebook ads as a side hustle and landed my first client: the local jewelry store that sold me my wife’s engagement ring.

1. Get Paid to Play Bingo

There’s a free iPhone app called Bingo Cash that pays you up to $80 every time you win bingo.

5. See if You Can Get Free Money From This Company

Here’s the deal: If you’re not using Aspiration’s debit card, you’re missing out on extra cash. And who doesn’t want extra cash?

12. Stop Deleting Your Emails

It turns out deleting your emails could be costing you money. Intrigued?

13. This App Will Pay You Real Cash for Playing Bingo on Your Phone

It feels like most games on your phone exist to get you to spend money on in-app purchases. But we found a game called Bingo Clash that actually pays you when you win — in real cash.

14. Grow a Special Herb at Home

No, not that one. Catnip grows as a weed in many areas, and a quick read of a guide to growing catnip will make you an expert. Many growers sell packets of the dried leaves online.

What Is a Side Hustle and How Do You Make Money Through One?

A side hustle is a way to make money outside of your 9 to 5 job. It allows you to make more money that’ll give you the freedom to pursue your passions, buy things you need or want, and lower any financial worries.

How to Make Money On The Side: 10 Great Side Hustles to Pursue

Dropshipping is one of the best side hustle job ideas. It allows you to sell a product directly to the customer without having to buy any inventory. Why’s that great? You don’t need to have a big startup costs budget, keeping your risk low. The manufacturer not only carries the inventory but also ships it directly to the customer for you.

How to Start a Side Hustle

So, you have decided that a side hustle from home is the best way for you to make m oney online, but you don’t know where to start. Look no further, we have a list of steps to follow for you to start a side hustle today!

What Side Hustle Can I Start With Little Money?

Dropshipping, becoming a freelancer, affiliate marketing, selling photography, and print-on-demand are all side hustles you can start with little money.


Your side hustle can help you make money online and earn some extra cash each month. But it can also help you develop new skills, build your personal brand or portfolio, and achieve more freedom. So, have fun with it! Take a risk by starting a business or pursue a new hobby you’ve always been curious about.